Lottery winner dumps girlfriend over money dispute in Thailand

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A lottery winner reportedly parted ways with his girlfriend after she demanded a hefty share of his winnings. The man, who won approximately 7 million baht (US$200,000) in the lottery, was under pressure from his partner who claimed she deserved a significant portion of the winnings because she had supported him throughout their relationship.

The Canadian man shared his experience on Reddit, stating that the relationship started to sour when he revealed his good fortune to his girlfriend. To the lottery winner’s surprise, she insisted that he hand over a large chunk of his winnings, arguing that she was entitled to it given their history together.

However, the unnamed man resisted, explaining that he had plans for the money, including investments and supporting his family. He also pointed out that the couple had never discussed financial sharing or decision-making before his lottery win. Despite his reasoning, his girlfriend accused him of being selfish and greedy, asserting that his money was more important than their relationship.

Unable to handle the accusations and the unreasonable demands, the man decided to end the relationship. He then sought advice from netizens, questioning whether his decision was right and if he was at fault in the situation.

He revealed that his girlfriend had asked for US$150,000 (5.2 million baht), more than half of his winnings. Many Reddit users rallied to his support, agreeing that he had made the right decision and labelling his ex-girlfriend as a cunning gold digger, reported KhaoSod.

“I think it’s about time you dumped her. Don’t think about marrying her either, otherwise, she’ll cheat on you for the rest of your life.”

“Who’s the one that’s selfish and greedy now?”

“I know you’re saving money for a better future with your family, but I’m not here for that, so give me my share right now!”

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