Hot under the collar: Lampang’s stray dogs face sizzling struggle

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As temperatures in Lampang soared beyond 40 degrees Celsius, the plight of over 400 stray dogs at Wat Weluwanaram has become a serious concern. The intense heatwave, persisting for nearly a month has prompted the temple’s abbot to take immediate action to alleviate the dogs’ suffering.

Vichai Akkadecho, the abbot of Wat Weluwanaram, located at 389 Moo 8, Lampang-Denchai Road, Mae Tha District, Lampang province, has hired workers to care for these dogs.

They are spraying water to clean the inside of the dog shelter, including the dogs’ sleeping platforms and the surrounding areas. This is done to increase humidity and provide some relief from the scorching midday heat.

In addition to the regular water spraying, fans have been installed inside the shelters to help circulate air and reduce the oppressive heat.

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The temple also prepared water troughs and large bowls for the dogs to play in and cool down. Many of the temple’s tamer dogs, which roam freely around the premises, have been observed seeking respite by digging into the earth or resting in the shade of trees near installed water drips.

Vichai mentioned that despite successfully drilling for groundwater to aid the dogs in cooling off, they still face obstacles. The water pump often fails to work during the day due to low voltage, necessitating pumping at night and storing the water in tanks for daytime use.

While most of the dogs at the temple are in stable health, some show signs of heat stress, such as nosebleeds. The temple is prepared with treatment to promptly address these symptoms, ensuring no fatalities amongst the resident dogs.

Despite this, some of the 40 to 50 dogs brought in by their owners per month, pass away at the temple, some presumably due to the heatwave’s effects.

To support the stray dogs and cats at the temple, a charitable fund has been established, allowing donations of just 19 baht. Contributions will go towards food and essential supplies for the animals, reported Khaosod.

Donors can contribute to the temple’s Kasikorn Bank account, number 163-1-25882-0, with the reminder to double-check the account name to prevent fraud.

The temple’s initiative to protect and care for these animals reflects a commitment to compassion and welfare even amidst challenging environmental conditions. The community’s support through donations can make a significant difference in the lives of these animals, providing much-needed relief and sustenance.

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