12 year old in China diagnosed with rare terminal lung cancer

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A 12 year old boy in China has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, leaving his parents devastated after a hospital visit revealed their worst fears. The discovery came after the mother of the child, referred to as Xiao Jia, noticed a hard lump the size of a pigeon’s egg on her son’s left clavicle, which, alarmingly, did not cause him any pain or discomfort.

Concerned about the lump, Xiao was quickly taken to the hospital, where a biopsy of the clavicle tissue revealed he was suffering from Ewing Sarcoma, a type of bone and soft tissue cancer. Despite this initial diagnosis, the mother’s persistent worry led to further consultations at another hospital, where the condition was identified as advanced-stage lung cancer, a prognosis that left little room for recovery.

The news of Xiao’s illness has been a heavy blow to his parents, who could not help but reflect on potential lifestyle factors that might have contributed to their son’s health crisis. They openly admitted that for the past few years, Xiao often skipped breakfast and only ate half a bowl of rice for lunch and dinner.

He seldom drank plain water, preferring fruit juices and other beverages instead. Additionally, the boy frequently indulged in late-night video gaming sessions, contributing to a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

Physicians at the cancer hospital in Hunan Province express that lung cancer has the highest incidence and mortality rates among all malignant tumours. For Xiao, being only 12 years old makes him one of the youngest patients they have seen, highlighting the severity of his situation. Doctors acknowledge that smoking, environmental pollution, and poor lifestyle habits all play a role in the development of lung cancer.

The trend of lung cancer in younger populations is also linked to dietary habits, work and rest patterns, and psychological stress. Early symptoms often include coughing, chest pain, and back pain, with some patients being in the middle or advanced stages of cancer at the time of discovery.

Therefore, the medical community urges regular health check-ups and early treatment upon noticing any unusual symptoms, reported Sanook.

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