Ptyas found on deity’s palanquin sparks Thai lottery frenzy

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An unexpected visitor, a nearly 2-metre-long Ptyas snake, was discovered lounging atop a palanquin meant for the revered Mother Goddess at the Thapthim shrine in Chai Nat, central Thailand, spurring a wave of lottery number seekers at the site.

The incident occurred on March 23, when firefighters from the Chai Nat Municipality were called to the shrine situated behind the Ban Kluai Municipal School in downtown Chai Nat. Upon arrival, they found the serpent, known as ngu sing in Thai, comfortably coiled on the ceremonial palanquin.

The snake, startled but unaggressive, slithered into a corner where chairs were stored. It took the rescue team about 10 minutes to safely capture and later release the slithering snake back into the wild.

The shrine caretaker recounted the shock of discovering the Ptyas upon entering the premises for routine cleaning. The sight of the snake on the palanquin caused the caretaker’s hands to tremble with fear, prompting an immediate call for assistance, reported Sanook.

The caretaker believes the snake is a guardian spirit watching over the shrine, as evidence of snake excrement had been found in various corners, although the creature had never revealed itself or harmed anyone before. This first appearance coincided with the placement of the Mother Goddess’s palanquin in the shrine.

Lottery enthusiasts, quick to capitalise on the event, have not missed the opportunity to note the shrine’s numbers, 53/38-39, hoping they will bring luck in the upcoming draw.

In related news, anticipation is building among lottery enthusiasts as the next draw of the Thai government lottery approaches, scheduled for Monday, April 1. Lotto buffs will be interested in studying the past decade’s worth of statistics on lottery numbers drawn on Mondays, revealing intriguing patterns, including instances of repeat numbers.

A review of the last ten years highlights the recurrence of certain two-digit numbers in the Monday draws. The numbers 09, 11, 86, 92, 95, and 97 have all made multiple appearances, sparking interest among lottery followers who often look for patterns to inform their next bets.

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