Khon Kaen restaurant worker fatally crushed by malfunctioning lift

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A freight elevator at a renowned restaurant in Khon Kaen malfunctioned and plummeted, fatally crushing a 46 year old female restaurant worker.

The restaurant owner vowed to take full responsibility and provide compensation as police hasten their investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

The calamity occurred at a well-known eatery situated along the Mittraphap Road in Khon Kaen’s Mueang district. The area where the accident took place is a storeroom at the back of the restaurant, equipped with an electric lift system used exclusively for moving goods.

It was approximately 8pm yesterday when the lift, operated by pressing buttons to activate a pulley system, descended unexpectedly onto the employee, Chanyanuch (surname withheld).

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At the time of the accident, the restaurant was bustling with activity, and the victim, who had worked there for five years, was alone in the storeroom. She had previously suffered a brain injury from an accident and had been reassigned to the restaurant from a hotel also owned by the proprietor for easier tasks.

According to the restaurant owner, 59 year old Phopphol (surname withheld), the deceased usually stayed within the dining area to serve customers, and it remains unclear why the victim ventured into the lift area alone.

Upon arriving at the scene after being alerted, the restaurant owner found the victim tragically crushed beneath the lift. At the site, bloodstains were evident on the floor, and several pairs of shoes, including a pair of green shoes beneath the lift, were scattered around, suggesting the area might have been used by employees to change their footwear before heading home.

The owner expressed his commitment to caring for the employee’s family, offering to arrange and host the funeral services. Discussions with the family have taken place but further actions await the completion of all necessary procedures, reported KhaoSod.

The police are currently awaiting forensic examination and are gathering evidence from the scene, including footage from the CCTV cameras, which captured the moment of the incident. This will be instrumental in ascertaining the precise cause of the accident.

Meanwhile, the owner has planned additional safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future, including the installation of an extra protective barrier around the lift to restrict access and ensure the safety of all employees.

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