Kalasin celebrates temple land title deed with traditional procession

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A ceremonial procession in Kalasin province involving over a hundred participants in traditional attire recently celebrated the issuance of a land title deed for a local temple.

The event honoured the revered monk Luang Pu Ha Supharo, affectionately known as Dinosaur Monk, whose passing on November 24 last year marked the end of an era.

The procession, which spanned 25 kilometres from the Land Office in Yang Talat district to the temple in Na Chueak, was characterized by a vibrant atmosphere and a collective sense of merit-making. A local official from the Land Office, Yukonthorn Thitidetworakul, highlighted the significance of the land title for the temple, previously abandoned and now set to be restored.

The land, encompassing an area of 4 rai and 1 ngan (6,800 square metres), features a map that curiously resembles a pagoda or a bell, a shape that has intrigued and enthralled locals. Many believe that the shape is more than coincidental, with some even interpreting it as an auspicious sign for lottery enthusiasts in search of lucky numbers.

Luang Pu Ha, who entered monkhood at the now-defunct temple, was a highly respected figure known for his scholarly contributions to Buddhism, education, culture, and society in Kalasin. His legacy continues to inspire reverence and dedication, with the land title issuance seen as a tribute to his profound impact and as a foundation for the temple’s future restoration.

The large replica of the land title deed, measuring 1.2 metres by 60 centimetres, was paraded along with traditional dancers, heralding a first-of-its-kind celebration in the province. The event not only commemorated Luang Pu Ha’s contributions but also aimed to invite divine blessings and spiritual participation from deities and sacred beings along the route, reported Sanook.

As a testament to the deep-rooted belief in spiritual and cultural traditions, the shape of the temple’s land plot has sparked widespread speculation and hope among lottery enthusiasts. They eagerly sought auspicious numbers related to the deed, hopeful for a windfall in the upcoming government lottery draw on March 16, with numbers like 642, 214, and 537 becoming the talk of the town.

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