Agoda reveals hotspots: Bangkok heats up rankings

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Agoda unveiled the hottest must-visit destinations with the Big Mango, Bangkok sizzling in second place.

Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam emerged as the unrivalled favourites, igniting a tourism frenzy in the first month alone. Moreover, Malaysia and South Korea are hot on their heels, rounding up the top five inbound markets.

According to Agoda’s January 2024 booking rankings, Asian travel destinations have kicked off the year with unparalleled vigour. Zooming into city-specific allure, Japan’s magnetic hubs Tokyo and Osaka continue to allure adventurers, maintaining their stronghold from the previous year.

Bangkok (No.2), Seoul (No.4), and Kuala Lumpur (No.5) also clinch spots on the coveted list, underscoring the charm of Asian metropolises. This data shines a spotlight on the burgeoning fascination with both established icons and urban gems across the continent.

Omri Morgenstern, the Chief Executive Officer at Agoda, shared his insights.

“The irresistible allure of markets like Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the magnetic pull of cities such as Tokyo and Bangkok, continue to captivate adventurers globally. With tourism topping the agenda of numerous established and emerging destinations, 2024 promises to be a stellar year for travel enthusiasts. At Agoda, we’re committed to fuelling this excitement by offering travellers unbeatable deals, making globe-trotting dreams a budget-friendly reality.”

A comparative analysis of accommodation searches between January last year and January 2024 reveals India as the unrivalled champion in soaring popularity, reported Antara News.

Following suit, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Italy have showcased remarkable surges compared to the previous year.

In related news, the popular online travel platform Tripadvisor ranked Pattaya seventh in the Travellers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best Destination for 2024, suggesting the beach city is the perfect choice for great resorts, outdoor activities, cabaret and cultural tours.

Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award Best of the Best for 2024, is divided into five categories including destinations, restaurants, beaches, hotels and things to do. The list is based on reviews and opinions from Tripadvisor users over the past 12 months.

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