Perverted Japanese man breaks into woman’s home over 150 times in 18 months, sniffs her knickers

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A shocking case took place in Osaka District Court in Japan, where a 30 year old Japanese man was accused of breaking into a young woman’s home over 150 times in just 18 months. The man confessed to his criminal actions and bizarre perverted sexual behaviour, ultimately receiving a jail sentence of 18 months.

According to reports, the Japanese man had developed a strong infatuation with this woman, who subsequently became his victim. One day, he found her keys that she had accidentally dropped and malevolently duplicated them for personal use. From then on, he repeatedly burgled her home, admitting that he became addicted after his first entry. The man went on to break into her house at least three or four times a week, totalling over 150 break-ins within a year and a half.

During these invasions, the Japanese man began to fantasise about living in the young woman’s home, searching through her personal belongings, sniffing her garments, and viewing explicit content while in her home to satisfy his sexual desires.

Eventually, the woman began to notice odd occurrences around her house, such as her toilet seat being left up or items being out of place. Feeling violated, she installed a monitoring system, which later caught the predator intruding without permission, causing her great anxiety.

The criminal, who has a previous history of similar offences, once worked in the real estate sector and regularly interacted with many female clients. His job granted him access to several keys for various properties, which he exploited to secretly break into the residences of other female tenants multiple times. The Japanese man had previous legal actions and convictions for his criminal activity but continued to engage in crime.

It was revealed that the Japanese man had a family, though his wife stated in court that she was unaware of his criminal past before their marriage. She also did not know about his peculiar sexual behaviour. When asked by the judge whether she wanted a divorce, the wife replied that despite considering the idea, she was currently on leave from work to raise their child. Without an income, she hesitated to make such a decision in light of the potential impact on their offspring.

This unsettling story highlights the importance of personal security and awareness of potential threats lurking in everyday life. With the perpetrator being sentenced and the case now closed, the victim will likely need support to overcome the psychological impacts of the invasive and disturbing events that transpired within her home.

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