Four tips to make your next holiday more environmentally friendly

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Being an eco-friendly traveller can pose its challenges, yet with growing concerns for the environment, it becomes evermore important to consider one’s impact during holidays. Tourism often comes with a negative impact on local environments, as seen in Maya Bay on Thailand’s Phi Phi Leh island, where growing visitor numbers led to significant strain on its natural habitats.

However, there are ways in which individuals can make their holidays more sustainable and contribute positively to the environment. Here are four key practices that can help reduce the environmental impact of tourism experiences.

1. Supporting local businesses: Staying at independent accommodations and shopping at locally-owned businesses can help ensure that tourism profits stay within the community, thus motivating them to invest in conservation efforts. Tourists visiting rhino sanctuaries in Botswana, for example, contribute to the local economy and create job opportunities, subsequently increasing local support for wildlife conservation programmes.

2. Minimising resource usage: Being mindful of one’s consumption of resources during travels, such as reusing towels, conserving water and reducing waste, can significantly lower the environmental impact on holiday destinations.

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3. Becoming an advocate for conservation: Travellers can learn about local environmental issues and either contribute financially or find other ways to support local organisations that aid conservation efforts. Additionally, sharing these experiences and expressing appreciation for these places can encourage others to join the cause and protect natural habitats.

4. Stepping out of the tourist bubble: Instead of partaking in environmentally damaging activities, such as cruises or staying in all-inclusive resorts, opting for more environmentally friendly alternatives, like short-haul city breaks or exploring less-visited locations, can help reduce negative environmental impacts and encourage environmental stewardship.

By keeping these practices in mind, tourists can play a significant role in reducing their impact on the environment and promoting sustainable habits in their travel experiences. Adopting a mindful approach to one’s own travel habits can ensure more enjoyable holidays, whilst simultaneously promoting the conservation of the planet’s precious natural resources, reports Channel News Asia.


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