Japanese actor exposes pay gap in adult film industry

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A renowned Japanese adult film actor sparked a considerable online buzz after revealing the disparity in earnings between male and female performers in the porn industry. Known for his fitness and stamina, the actor shed light on the financial aspects of male performers’ roles, which are significantly less lucrative compared to their female counterparts.

This revelation has captured the attention of adult film enthusiasts globally, highlighting the challenges and endurance required in the profession.

Shimiken, the actor in question, took to Twitter to discuss the compensation or fees that male adult film actors receive. He outlined that the highest payment for male performers can reach up to 50,000 yen per film, which equates to approximately 12,000 baht.

This peak compensation, however, is reserved for those who have progressed through the industry’s ranks to land leading roles.

Beginning at the base level, amateur male leads, who are part of the film but not in scenes with top actresses, receive about 10,000 yen (2,400 baht) per film. These actors often remain unnamed and unrecognised. Their ability to perform under pressure is crucial, as any failure to do so could result in no pay.

The second level involves a step up from the base, where actors have more involvement in the films and can control their performance, earning them 20,000 yen per film. The third tier includes actors who understand the intricacies of the job and can perform in various types of scenes.

Japanese actor exposes pay gap in adult film industry | News by Thaiger
Picture of Ken Shimizu, better known as Shimiken, and a colleague courtesy of Sanook

These actors can control their physical responses on cue and are paid 30,000 yen per film.

At the fourth level, actors capable of filming one-on-one scenes with leading actresses and possessing camera skills, such as those required for intimate hotel room films, can command 40,000 yen per film. These roles are typically with independent actresses not affiliated with any major studio.

The fifth and top level is where actors earn the trust to debut with new female performers. Shimiken notes that these trusted and mistake-free performers can earn 50,000 yen per film. Popular actors like Daisuke Sadamatsu and Muscle Sawano, who frequently open films, have become leading figures in the industry, with opportunities to act in more than 40 scenes a month.

An actor’s ability to perform multiple times a day is essential in this high-demand profession. This level of trust from film companies and support from fans requires not only talent but also a robust physical constitution. The insights provided by Shimiken, a respected and experienced actor, offer a rare glimpse into the financial aspect of male performers in the adult film industry.

Shimiken, whose real name is Ken Shimizu, is 44 years old and has been active in the adult film scene since he was 18. With a career spanning over two decades and featuring in more than 10,000 titles, Shimizu has established himself as a prominent and beloved figure in the industry, amassing a significant fan following.

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