Israel-Hamas war survivor denied financial aid by Israeli authorities

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A 35 year old Thai labourer hailing from Udon Thani province, recently voiced his grievances to the media. The Thai labourer, Wittawas Kulwong, alleged that despite being a survivor of the Israel-Hamas war, his name was conspicuously missing from the list of Thai workers set to receive financial aid from Israeli authorities.

According to a report yesterday, March 5, Wittawas was among many Thai workers who found themselves in the midst of the severe Hamas attack on southern Israel last year. Despite sustaining serious injuries, he managed to survive and eventually returned to his homeland.

Wittawas recounted the horrifying event when Hamas militants infiltrated his workers’ camp on the morning of October 7. They specifically hunted for Thai workers, forcing him and his fellow workers to flee for their lives as the camp’s office and chicken coops were showered with bullets.

In a desperate attempt to hide, Wittawas was discovered in a tunnel by the assailants, who commanded him to lie on the ground with his hands held behind his neck. Displaying immense courage, Wittawas refused to comply, retaliating instead, only to be stabbed in the head. The severe loss of blood caused him to lose consciousness.

After regaining consciousness several hours later, Wittawas managed to crawl out of the camp to seek help. He was subsequently rushed to a hospital.

“I never thought I would survive.”

On October 19, Israel’s authorities officially identified him as a survivor of the unprecedented incursion on Israeli soil. Before he left for Thailand, he was assured that he would receive financial aid. However, to his dismay, his name was missing from the list of victims due for compensation from Israel, reported Bangkok Post.

The Udon Thani provincial labour office stated that local authorities have reached out to Israeli officials to rectify the matter.

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