British man quits England for Thailand’s tropical tranquility

A disgruntled British man declared he had quit England for Thailand pledging never to return to his homeland.

Riyan Ruparelia left Blighty for the Land of Smiles in January vowing he’d had enough of truth-twisting ruling Conservative Party, Sir Keir Starmer’s Tory-lite opposition Labour Party, and the economic destruction of the United Kingdom, and not to mention its soaring crime rate.

The 22 year old London-born receptionist booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand, at the beginning of the year, revealing plans to tour Thailand for a few months before finding somewhere to settle down.

Before departing for Thailand, Riyan worked 30 hours a week as a receptionist at Powerleague, earning £11 per hour (500 baht).

While still living with his parents in Brent, London, Riyan realised he couldn’t afford to rent a place of his own in the UK, prompting him to explore other options. Having visited Thailand thrice before, Riyan developed a deep affection for the country and bought a one-way ticket from Heathrow for £500 (22,750 baht).

Having spent two months in Thailand, Riyan is determined never to return to the UK and aspires to bring his family to Thailand once he has settled down. He also expressed feeling safer walking alone at night in Thailand compared to the UK, where he felt too apprehensive to do so.

British man quits England for Thailand's tropical tranquility | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Riyan Ruparelia’s Facebook account

“I don’t plan to live in the UK ever again. I will come back and see my family but I don’t feel like the UK is the sort of place I can see myself living now. As a country, it is not heading in the right direction.”

During his time in the UK, Riyan held a receptionist position, earning just above the minimum wage. Working full-time at £11 per hour, he acknowledges that he would have struggled to afford to move out of his parents’ home and rent his own property.

“On my wage, I was just not able to move out of my family home. I know for a fact I would not have been able to afford rent.

“With rent prices through the roof and unaffordable housing, how are people affording to live in the UK? Here in Thailand, the cost-of-living is a tenth of the price compared to the UK.”

Another factor contributing to Riyan’s departure from the UK was the increase in crime, as he expressed feeling constantly unsafe

“If you know London, there is so much knife crime and robbery. You don’t feel safe walking the streets and it is not getting any better. Here in Thailand, people will leave their keys and bags on their bikes. You don’t have to look behind you when you’re walking home at night and women will walk at night alone.”

Riyan mentioned that his parents were “supportive” of his decision to move, expressing his aspiration to bring them to Thailand and assist them in retiring.

“They were incredibly supportive of my decision, encouraging me to seize the opportunity. I would love to have my family here with me. My ultimate goal is to provide for my parents and help them retire. Achieving retirement in the UK is incredibly challenging.”

Having been in Thailand for two months, Riyan plans to explore the country before determining where to settle down, reported the Daily Mirror.

“Thailand is vast, offering megacities, mountains, and stunning beaches. Currently, I’m travelling around to decide on my preferred location for settling down. I have a large group tour planned for April, so I’ll make my decision after that.”

British man quits England for Thailand's tropical tranquility | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Riyan Ruparelia’s Facebook account

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