Intoxicated man causes uproar in Udon Thani village

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A seemingly intoxicated man on a big bike caused a stir in a village in Udon Thani province when he insisted on sleeping in front of some houses, claiming that they belonged to his girlfriend. Despite being asked to leave, he refused, creating a tense atmosphere among the residents.

Late into the night, residents of Ban Chiang, Udon Thani, were unsettled by the presence of an unfamiliar man demanding to sleep in front of their homes. The man, appearing inebriated, traversed the village on his motorcycle, approaching various households. In instances where women were present, he professed that he was there to visit his girlfriend.

Responding to the call for help, police from Nong Han Police Station found the man, approximately 35 years old, wearing a black shirt and three-quarter-length jeans. He seemed disoriented and under the influence.

Upon questioning, he identified himself as Eaksit but was incoherent in his responses. He was adamant about sleeping on the porch of a particular house, claiming he had come to stay at his girlfriend’s home, though he could not provide her name. He also warned bystanders not to take photographs, asserting his legal rights.

Eaksit’s sister, contacted by the police, disclosed that he suffered from a mental disorder. She directed the officers to deliver him to their parent’s home in Thung Fon District, expressing concern over a potential confrontation with her brother. The police guessed that Eaksit was likely experiencing hallucinations due to a mixture of drugs and alcohol, prompting them to transport him to his parents, reported KhaoSod.

The homeowner, Srakrai, a former school director in Ban Phon Sung, was perplexed by the stranger’s actions. He recounted that the man had been lingering since 4pm yesterday, gradually moving closer to Srakrai’s home, where he eventually laid down, drank beer, and refused to leave despite being told to do so.

Expressing his worry, Srakrai noted that a woman and two children occupied the house, and the man’s erratic behaviour had alarmed the entire village, especially women and children.

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