Internet star Lina Jung highlights squalid state of 100 million baht Bangkok complex home

Photo: KhaoSod.

Popular Internet idol Lina Jung recently exposed the shocking condition of her city-centre shopping complex home, worth over 100 million baht, which she has resided in for over 30 years. The building has been left in a squalid condition, filled with drugs, sanitary bags, and rubbish, prompting Jung to draw the attention of the Royal Thai Police and the Governor of Bangkok.

Lina livestreamed the state of her building, revealing the filth and decay within. She highlighted the vast amount of rubbish and the unbearable stench, despite spending thousands on hiring cleaners, and feared the risk of fire.

The building, she noted, was also a hotbed for illicit activities, with evidence of drug use and sexual encounters visible in the abandoned condoms littered throughout.

She lamented the decline of her once pristine shopping complex into a slum, with the blame laid on the influx of illegal immigrants.

The Internet idol stressed that these invaders were responsible for the degradation of her property, showing discarded shoes, clothes, and piles of rubbish.

She called for law enforcement to apprehend the wrongdoers, who had violated her home, transforming it into their dwelling and dining area.

Internet star Lina Jung highlights squalid state of 100 million baht Bangkok complex home | News by Thaiger
Lina Jung, highlighting the poor condition of the Bangkok Complex. Photo by KhaoSod.

Moreover, Lina urged Bangkok’s Governor, Aswin, to shut down the complex, which had become too revolting to tolerate. She warned of the dangers posed by the illegal immigrants residing on the third floor of Indra Square, a potential threat to public safety if they resort to violence or arson.

In addition, Lina pointed out the increasing problem of criminal activities in the area, making it unbearable for her to live. She reported instances of drug use happening near her home in the evenings, with the stench penetrating her residence even with the windows closed.

She also found people sleeping in front of her house, with one person threatening her housekeeper with a knife when asked to move, reported KhaoSod.

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