Irresponsible tenants’ vanishing act leaves landlord with blood-soaked bed

Photo: Sanook.

A landlord was left in utter shock when some irresponsible tenants, who had rented her property for five days, disappeared without any prior notice in Liaocheng, located in the Shandong Province of China. The unfortunate aftermath of their irresponsible tenancy included a foul stench in the home and the bed soaked in blood.

The landlord shared the incident online, revealing the deplorable condition in which the property was left by the young couple, with used condoms and sanitary pads strewn across the floor.

On the day before today, the landlord, known as Yu, uploaded a video showcasing the condition of the property post the Irresponsible tenants’ unannounced departure. The video revealed copious amounts of dried blood on the bed and a floor littered with used hygiene products.

The irresponsible tenants had been renting the house for five days before they abruptly disappeared, leaving behind an unpleasant stench and a bed smeared with blood. Yu voiced her annoyance in the video clip

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“This woman has left my bed covered in blood.”

She went on to express her disbelief at the horrendous state the tenants had left her property in, questioning whether the female tenant had been menstruating and carried out some sexual activities, given the extensive blood stains. She also voiced her concern for the woman’s health, given the excessive amount of blood.

Angry landlord

Local media later reported that the enraged landlord revealed the couple did not check out as per the usual procedure. Instead, they secretly fled, leaving behind food scraps on the floor and a blood-soaked bed.

“I have now opened all the windows and have been cleaning constantly with alcohol. The bedding will need to be replaced, and I won’t be able to rent the house for another two or three days.”

Following the spread of the incident online, netizens criticized the couple’s behaviour, labelling it disgusting.

“Don’t worry, normal people don’t do this. They must be abnormal.”

“They even used sanitary pads.”

“She must be on her period and going out every day.”

“Did these two have a bloody fight?”

Some netizens noticed that the landlord mentioned the couple had fled and speculated that they might not have used their real names when renting the property.

They suggested that landlords should require tenants to register with their identity cards or increase the deposit to prevent guests from running away, reported Sanook.

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