Disturbing discovery: 13 year old girl reveals child abuse, 47 year old man arrested

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In a disconcerting case of child abuse involving a 13 year old girl from Pathum Thani, a 47 year old man has been arrested. The man ran after the victim multiple times before the police managed to capture him. This series of disturbing events led to the girl attempting to take her own life.

Beer Donmuang, whose real name is Pichet, was frequently seen visiting the young girl’s premises. This is due to the fact that the girl is a niece of Pichet’s girlfriend. During these visits, Pichet attempted multiple forms of child abuse violations, both physical and verbal, towards the minor. He would try touching her, attempt to grope her and even invade her private parts, leading to immense suffering for the 13 year old girl. These recurring molestations led the victim to multiple suicide attempts before her relatives noticed abnormalities and finally decided to file a legal case, reported Sanook.

Once the child abuse case was reported, the officials from the Suan Phrik Thai Police Station in Pathum Thani issued an arrest warrant for Pichet. Despite numerous efforts and manhunts to catch him, Pichet managed to evade the police for a significant period.

Eventually, the local police reached out to Police Colonel Theeradech “Big Jor” Thamsutheer for his specialised team’s assistance. Big Jor deployed a team of detectives and students from Generation 110 investigation unit to monitor and track Pichet.

After a stakeout that lasted over a week, they received a tip-off that Pichet was visiting his girlfriend. They surrounded her residence, but the inhabitants refused to cooperate, leading to a standoff that lasted nearly three hours.

Upon gaining access, it appeared that Pichet had, as usual, vanished. However, this time, following a thorough examination and detective instinct, they found Pichet hiding on the ceiling of the house. Finally managing to coax him out, the authorities succeeded in apprehending the child abuse culprit.

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