Indian tourist’s deep slumber prompts rescue mission in Pattaya city

Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

In the early hours of this morning in Pattaya city, a peculiar scenario was unveiled as a 28 year old Indian tourist, identified as Umang, fell into a profound slumber inside a locked car. His unsuspecting companions were left with no choice but to shatter the vehicle’s windows to rouse him from his sleep.

This unusual episode unfolded around 3am today, January), causing the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Rescue Unit to quickly intervene.

The scene painted a curious picture: Umang, deep in sleep inside a red Nissan Juke sedan, parked alongside Beach Road, right in the bustling centre of Pattaya City, reported The Pattaya News. Despite the vehicle being securely locked and the windows closed, Umang’s friends endeavoured to try and awaken him for more than half an hour. However, their attempts proved futile as Umang seemed to be in a state of profound sleep.

Growing increasingly worried about their friend’s well-being, the group sought aid from local Pattaya police officers and rescue personnel. Despite repeated attempts by authorities to rouse him by calling out and tapping on the windows, Umang remained unresponsive. Eventually, with the consent of the car owner, the rescue team took the drastic step of shattering the car windows with a hammer. This act finally succeeded in rousing the deeply slumbering tourist.

Much to everyone’s relief, upon awakening, Umang was found to be in good health and was simply resting. Delving further into the story, Umang’s Thai friend, known by the alias Nan, shared that they had been drinking at a nearby market.

After indulging in alcohol, Umang decided to rest in the car. When their repeated attempts to wake him proved unsuccessful, they decided to seek external help, resulting in this strange rescue mission.

In related news, a Thai taxi driver took advantage of a Japanese passenger’s deep slumber by stealing a luxury watch worth 1.1 million baht in Bangkok.

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