iCare Foundation transforms lives in northern Thai villages

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iCare Thailand Foundation, founded by Danish-Norwegian visionaries, unveils its latest endeavour in the northern Thai countryside.

Led by Michael and Karin Andreassen, the iCare Thailand Foundation sets out on a poignant mission to uplift remote communities, one dormitory at a time.

Arriving at Huay Pu Kaeng Village, nestled along the Myanmar border, the team’s dedication radiates amidst the sweltering Thai jungle. With a humble ceremony, the 19th dormitory springs to life, a beacon of hope for children yearning for education.

Graced by traditional Kayan dancers, the celebration ignites the spirits of villagers and delegates alike. Michael Andreassen’s impassioned speech echoes a resounding message of perseverance and opportunity, resonating deeply with the young audience.

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As a catholic priest blesses the dormitory, iCare’s commitment to inclusivity shines through. Gifts and laughter fill the air, as the children revel in newfound joys, courtesy of the dedicated iCare team.

iCare’s scholarship programmes beckon a brighter future for eager minds, with dreams as vast as the Thai horizon. With unwavering resolve, the delegation embarks on a quest to nurture talents and unlock potential in hospitality, reported ScandAsia.

In related news, an initiative to address the increasing mental health issues among Thai adolescents has been launched under the name of Kru Care Jai. This programme, initiated by the Public Health Ministry, seeks to train teachers to enhance their abilities in curbing mental health problems in students.

The launch comes as data suggests that Thai youth are increasingly vulnerable to mental illness, with self-harm being a conceivable risk for 17% of this demographic.

In other news, the students of Ban Pa Had School in Pua district, Nan province, were left disappointed when a promised donation and lunch treat failed to materialise. The school posted a message on its Facebook page showing the children rehearsing a thank you performance for the donor, who had pledged to provide educational funds, gifts, and fried chicken for the pupils.

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