Hua Hin water woes won’t dampen Songkran spirit

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To quench concerns over water scarcity threatening the Songkran festival, Hua Hin Municipality is taking swift action to ensure the festivities flow smoothly without parching tourism enthusiasm.

Mayor Nopporn Wutthikul, flanked by municipal bigwigs and key officials, huddled to hash out strategies to navigate the drought as the region gears up for the traditional Thai New Year festivity.

Pranburi Dam, a vital water source for Hua Hin, is dwindling at a mere 26.51% capacity, with the adjacent Phetch Dam chipping in meagrely. Yet, Mayor Wutthikul remains bullish, crediting the confidence to countermeasures being hustled into place to offset the surge in demand from hotels, resorts, and residential haunts throughout the holiday binge.

Despite the optimism, pockets of residents find themselves in a watery quagmire, grappling with dribbling taps, parched pipes, and in dire cases, total water stoppages. To stem the tide, the waterworks honchos are orchestrating a fluid shuffle among the Kaeng Krachan, Hua Na, and Rai Noi water plants.

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This juggle is poised to momentarily ruffle water pressure and availability across the municipality, notably hitching areas west of the railway, along Chomsin Road, and the northern and southern flanks of Hua Hin.

To sprinkle relief on parched households, Hua Hin Municipality will dispatch water wagons from various agencies. Needy residents are urged to call the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation office at 032 511666 for a liquid lifeline.

Once the water currents flow back to the Hua Na tap water plant, the Kaeng Krachan plant will resume regular sluicing, replenishing the city, reported Hua Hin Today.

The municipality implores tourism businesses and the public to limit water consumption during this critical spell.

In related news, Phuket’s main reservoirs, namely Bang Wad Reservoir, Bang Neow Dum Reservoir, and Klong Kata Reservoir, currently hold sufficient water supplies to service residents and tourist accommodations until the anticipated annual rains arrive next month, according to Phuket officials.

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