Phuket reservoirs assure sufficient water supply until annual rains

Phuket’s main reservoirs, namely Bang Wad Reservoir, Bang Neow Dum Reservoir, and Klong Kata Reservoir, currently hold sufficient water supplies to service residents and tourist accommodations until the anticipated annual rains arrive next month, according to Phuket officials. This assurance comes from the head of the Phuket Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office (DDPM-Phuket), Sophon Thongsai, following his inspection of the reservoirs yesterday, April 7.

At present, the Bang Wad Reservoir in Kathu is filled to 25.1% of its capacity, holding around 2.56 million cubic metres of water. The Bang Neow Dum Reservoir in Srisoonthorn is at 49.5% capacity with 3.85 million cubic metres of water, while the Klong Kata Reservoir in Chalong is 36% full, housing 1.49 million cubic metres of water.

Despite these numbers, the official report disclosed that the combined water supply reserves across the three reservoirs are standing at approximately 22%.

A dedicated team of officials is currently monitoring the drought situation in Phuket. They have established a water coordination and management centre to oversee operations throughout the dry season and released a report to relay their findings.

“The water coordination and management centre coordinates care, helps and facilitates the provision of water to be sufficient for water use, including procurement of groundwater from private mines to serve as a reserve water source to support the drought situation from the lack of rain that is expected to last until mid-May.”

The report also highlighted the pressing need for residents to use water wisely and appreciate its value during the dry season. We still emphasise and ask for cooperation from people to use water economically and know its value as much as possible so we have water to use throughout the dry season.

Earlier last week, a meeting of the Phuket Provincial Drought Situation Monitoring Working Group, chaired by Phuket Vice Governor, Sattha Thongkam, took place. The vice governor revealed that the Phuket Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office (MNRE Phuket) had identified 2,573 ponds that could be leveraged to bolster the water supply. These include 1,291 ponds in Mueang District, 521 ponds in Kathu District, and 761 ponds in Thalang District.

It is expected that rain will fall in mid-May, but we still ask for cooperation from the people to use water sparingly, as mentioned by Sattha, underscoring the need for conservative water usage amidst the ongoing dry season.

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