How to enter Thailand during Covid

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Are you looking to travel to Thailand? Travelling between countries in this Covid-19 pandemic is not the same as it used to be anymore. The process of obtaining the necessary visas to enter Thailand can be time-consuming and stressful, but we can help you save a lot of time. With just a few clicks, we can help you meet all of the requirements. Working alongside our partners, we strive to make your experience as smooth as possible with the most efficient approach to ensure that you can return to Thailand quickly and fuss-free!

The Thai government has established a set of requirements for everyone entering the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which includes:

  • Government-approved Covid-19 Thai travel insurance policy,
  • Covid-19 negative test,
  • fit to fly certificate.

The good news is that our travel insurance for Thailand covers all of those things for you. You may now travel and stay in Thailand with ease. The Thailand Re-Entry Package will assist you in meeting the requirements and gaining entry to the Land of Smiles. For more information click HERE.

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The Benefits of Choosing Our Package

Covid-19 Insurance Certificate

A Covid-19 insurance certificate is another requirement to enter Thailand. Our Thailand Re-Entry Package includes a certificate that you can use to apply for COE (Certificate Of Entry) at your respective embassy.

Instant Policy to Your Email

You’ll get your insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate directly to your email address immediately after purchasing the package online.

Inbound Travel Insurance

Government-approved Covid-19 Travel Insurance for Thailand is the main feature of this package. There are specific requirements for the Covid-19 insurance policy that your regular travel insurance may not cover, which is designed to keep you protected in Thailand. Our Covid-19 insurance meets all of the requirements, including:

  • Explicitly state that coverage works for “Thailand”.
  • Explicitly state that it covers “Covid-19”.
  • At least 100,000 USD coverage for Medical & Personal accident cover including covid-19.
  • Cover the full range of dates for travel.
  • Pay per day cover – can get the insurance for 4 days up to 365 days.
  • Available for ALL nationalities including Thai nationals.

What you need to know about Re-Entry Package

  • Anyone between the ages of 1 and 74 is welcome to visit.
  • You will get a Digital Insurance Certificate that can be submitted to the Thai consulate/embassy as proof of insurance coverage for your Certificate of Entry (COE).
  • The recommended effective date of the policy is the date you arrive in Thailand.
  • Thailand Entry Package is for everyone.
  • COE should be handled by you in front of your embassy.

AXA Insurance Package

Inbound Travel Insurance (AXA Sawasdee Thailand) from AXA Thailand is the ideal insurance for you, it complies with the insurance requirements of your COE application and provides complete medical and personal accident coverage, including Coronavirus.

You will also receive at least 100,000 USD coverage for Medical & Personal accident cover including covid-19. You can also specify the number of days you want your premium as the plan will cover you based on the length of your stay. In addition, the insurance policy can cover you for as little as 4 days and as much as 365 days.

Please note* AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers different price alternatives based on your departing nation and where you may have travelled in the previous 30 days before arriving in Thailand.

*New and more affordable premium starts at ONLY 350 THB. Click HERE to apply.

English Language Service

To make things easier for you, we offer full English language service as well as a direct contact point for customers.

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