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Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE)

Enter Thailand quickly and easily during Covid-19!

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Why the Thaiger?

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, travelling between countries is not the same anymore. There are numerous requirements you need to meet in order to be allowed to enter the country, which can be long and complicated. But don’t worry, the Thaiger got you covered. Working alongside our partners, we strive to make your experience as smooth as possible with the most efficient approach to ensure that you can return to Thailand quickly and fuss-free!

What is an Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE)?

As Thailand is slowly opening up again, more and more people plan to return to the country. However, the Thai government has established a set of requirements for everyone entering the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These include Certificate of Entry (COE), government-approved Covid-19 Thai travel insurance policy, Covid-19 negative test, and fit to fly certificate.

We highly recommend you double-check directly with your embassy and airline as rules and requirements change often.

We understand that preparing and obtaining these requirements is not an easy task. Besides, the process typically takes time and should be applied in advance. That’s why we offer you the Thailand Re-Entry Package, which will help you meet the requirements and enter the Land of Smiles with ease.

We can provide you with the maximum cover and documents needed (an inbound travel insurance policy + COVID-19 insurance certificate) which you can use to apply for COE at your respective embassy.

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How Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE) Works

The process of getting the requirements to enter Thailand can be long and stressful, but we can save a lot of your valuable time. With just a few clicks, we can help you meet all of the requirements and enter Thailand hassle-free!

Know Your Options

Click our ‘Review Package and Apply Online’ button to see the current options available for you, and approved by the Thai government.

Choose & Enquire

Choose the most relevant package for you and start the online inquiry process.

Get Your Policy Immediately

After making the online payment, you will get your chosen policy directly to your email address. If any issues come up, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team directly so they can make things easy for you.

What is Included in the Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE)?

The Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE) is specifically designed to make your process of entering Thailand stress-free. Here’s what the package includes:

Inbound Travel Insurance

Government-approved Covid-19 Travel Insurance for Thailand is the main feature of this package. There are very specific requirements for the Covid-19 insurance policy that your regular travel insurance may not cover, which is designed to keep you protected in Thailand. Our Covid-19 insurance meets all of the requirements, including:

– Explicitly state that coverage works for “Thailand.”
– Explicitly state that it covers “Covid-19.”
– At least 100,000 USD coverage.
– Cover the full range of dates for travel.

Covid-19 Insurance Certificate

A Covid-19 insurance certificate is another requirement to enter Thailand. Our Thailand Re-Entry Package includes that a certificate in which you can use to apply for COE (Certificate Of Entry) at your respective embassy.

Full English Language Service

Don’t have to worry about any language barrier because we offer a full English language service, as well as a direct contact point, to make everything easier for you.

Instant Policy to Your Email

You’ll get the insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate directly to your email address immediately after purchasing the package online.

Customer Ratings


2,220 reviews

Customer Reviews


I personally do not need this service as I am an expat, however, my parents bought these packages last week for their coming in July.

Daniel D.

I needed to change the starting date of my policy as I postpone my flight to July, and it was easier than I thought. I highly recommend getting this package for peace of mind. Either way, you can’t enter the country without, so it’s good having one, especially knowing you can be flexible and change the dates.

Alin Horwood


Good to know what my options are. I think the page is clear and explains everything well. It is hard to find correct and clear information out there.

Tristan Churen


useful information, pages are laid out very well and easy to understand.

Sasha Parker


I booked and sort out everything pretty easily thanks to you guys. The support team was very helpful as well.

Thomas Petersons


When I heard about Phuket Sandbox plan, I knew I am going to come to Thailand, but didn’t know how to get all the documents ready, so it was pretty good reading this page and getting a better idea of what to expect.

Sean Barker


Quick and easy to deal with, I’m very happy with the deal I got from the Thaiger, I just wanted to see what my options are and what are the rates.

Claudia Robbins


I think the information on the page is very clear, so I find it better and easier to just book online without the need to wait for someone to contact you and waste your time.

Gary Goodall

Government-approved Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans

As mentioned before, you will get government-approved Inbound Travel Insurance for Thailand and Covid-19 Insurance Certificate as part of this isurance package.
Those are necessary for you to apply for a certificate of entry (COE) at your embassy.
We are also happy to serve you fully in the English language.

So what coverage does the government-approved Covid-19 travel insurance offer, and for how much? There are a few packages you can choose from. Each package offers different coverage, with different premiums. Therefore, make sure to choose one that fits your needs and budget. We’ve listed the details of each package below.

AXA Thailand’s Inbound Travel Insurance (AXA Sawasdee Thailand) is the perfect insurance for those who travel to Thailand. It meets the insurance of your COE application and offers comprehensive coverage for medical and personal accidents, including Covid-19.
Caught Covid but do not show symptoms? Don’t worry! AXA will cover the medical expense incurred based on medical necessity.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers different pricings based on the zone of your departure country. There are 3 different Risk Zones (RZ) – Low, Medium & High. You can also choose how long the plan covers you for, based on the duration of your stay. Below are the prices for the different premiums & zones:

30 days ฿2,700 (Low RZ) / ฿2,970 (Medium RZ) / ฿4,320 (High RZ)
60 days ฿4,860 (Low RZ) / ฿5,346 (Medium RZ) / ฿ 7,776 (High RZ)
90 days ฿7,020 (Low RZ) / ฿7,722 (Medium RZ) / ฿11,232 (High RZ)
180 days฿13,500 (Low RZ) / ฿14,850 (Medium RZ) / ฿21,600 (High RZ)
270 days฿19,440 (Low RZ) / ฿21,384 (Medium RZ) / ฿31,104 (High RZ)
365 days฿25,110 (Low RZ)/ ฿27,621 (Medium RZ) / ฿40,076 (High RZ)

Benefits for AXA Insurance:

  • Meet the requirement of application for Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • No waiting period, no deductible
  • 24 hours hotline services
  • The policy covers age 1-74 years
  • Buy easily online with various payment options
  • Get insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate directly to your email instantly

    Low-risk zone – Australia, Bahrain, China, El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Hong Kong, IvoryCoast, Kazakhstan, Korea South, Macau, Mongolia, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Rwanda, Singapore, Taiwan, Uruguay, Vietnam.
    High-risk zone – Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, United States Of America, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.
    Medium-risk zone – all other countries except in low-risk zone, high-risk zone, and sanctioned countries.

Choose the insurance plan that’s right for you

Prices ฿2,700 – ฿4,320

Masii Product - Thailand re-entry full package | News by Thaiger

AXA Insurance
(Sawasdee Thailand)

The price for this plan depends on the zone you are flying from and included 3 different zones.

Apply Now

  • Loss of life, Dismemberment, Loss of sight, or Total Permanent Disability due to Accident (Including 100% Murder Assault and 100% Motorcycle) for 1,000,000 THB
  • Medical expenses due to accident and illness (including COVID19) for 3,500,000 THB
  • Third-Party Liability for 650,000 THB
  • Meet 100,000 USD health insurance requirement of application for Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • Cover 3.5 million THB of medical expense including COVID-19 and 1 million THB of Personal Accident, choice of period of 30, 60, 90, 180, 270, and up to 365 days
  • Coverage starts immediately after clearing immigration in Thailand and includes the period of 14-day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) and Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ)
  • No waiting period, no deductible, no advance payment for hospitalization
  • Get insurance policy and COVID-19 certificate in email instantly
  • Large hospital network throughout Thailand and 24-hour hotline service
  • Premium including Stamp Duty
  • Full premium refund if the Royal Thai Embassy/Royal Thai Consulates does not accept this AXA insurance (Sawasdee Thailand insurance). (Customer must provide to AXA proof of the Embassy’s requirements which indicates that this AXA insurance is not acceptable).

Return to Thailand without any issue with Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE)

What no one tells you is that our insurances from home (United Kingdom) don’t pass the government check. This insurance was reliable and I made it in the country without issue.

Top tip: Make sure to have your passport details and flight information ready to further speed up the process.

Eddie, 51, engineer in Bangkok

I already have travel insurance from my employer. Do I still need Covid-19 insurance?

Yes, you still need government-approved Covid-19 travel insurance for Thailand. Many foreigners are not allowed to enter the country because they use the travel insurance they already have, whether it is travel insurance you got from your employer or purchased yourself. Why? Because their insurance doesn’t meet the requirements set by the Thai government, including:

1. The policy must explicitly state that coverage works for “Thailand.”
2. Must be at least USD 100,000 minimum coverage.
3. The policy must explicitly state coverage of “Covid-19.”
4. Must cover the full range of dates for travel.

Our government-approved Covid-19 travel insurance for Thailand covers all of those things, so you can travel and stay in Thailand confidently, without any worry.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE) with The Thaiger.

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Other Things to Know About Thailand Re-Entry Package

The following are things you need to know before purchasing the Thailand Entry Package.

Age Limit

Thailand re-entry package is open for anyone between 1 to 74 years old.

Digital Insurance Certificate

You will get a letter or certificate that can be submitted to the Thai consulate/embassy as proof of insurance coverage for your Certificate of Entry (COE). This certificate can be digital, to make things even easier for you.

Effective Date of Policy

LThe recommended effective date of the policy is the date you arrive in Thailand.


Thailand Entry Package is for everyone, except Thai passport holders and anyone who enters Thailand for medical-related purposes.

Satisfies Thai Government Requirements

Almost everything you need to be allowed entry to Thailand is included in this package.
COE should be handled in front of your embassy by yourself.

Thailand Mandatory Entry Travel Insurance Online

Have all the requirements to enter Thailand, but forget about the covid-19 insurance? Don’t worry, we have just what you need!

Our Thailand Mandatory Re-Entry Travel Insurance Online is for anyone who needs covid-19 cover fast and easy. It meets all of the Thai government requirements, so you don’t have to worry about getting your COE rejected.

It is the best and most affordable choice, especially if you already have other requirements in place.

Review Package and Apply Online

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance for Thailand Entry (COE)

Yes. Medical expenses for Covid-19 from 1 million THB per year can be covered by our packages.

The insurance is for anyone between 1 and 74 years old.

You should purchase the insurance to cover the entire period of stay or visa in Thailand. Please, confirm with your local Thai Consulate/Embassy this particular case.

There’s no waiting period, so you will be covered immediately after you complete the immigration process.

Yes, you can request to change the effective date after purchasing, for free by writing an email to the selected provider.
Note that the change must be made before the original start date.

Yes, you can cancel the insurance policy and get a refund by contacting the provider with evidence of COE (Certificate Of Entry) or visa rejection.

The insurance excludes individuals who seek reimbursement or require medical treatment due to pre-existing medical conditions related to Covid-19, terrorism, suicide, or self-harm.

Yes, you can extend the period of stay up to 180 days by contacting directly the provider.
You must make the request to the provider on or before the original policy expiry date and make an additional premium payment. Acceptance to extend is not guaranteed. Please consider it might take between 1-3 working days to receive the revised policy documents.

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