Slippery roads send bus sliding into median in Ayutthaya

Heavy rain causes chain of accidents involving buses and trucks in Ayutthaya (Image Courtesy of Khaosod).

Heavy rainfall and slippery roads have led to a series of accidents, including a bus carrying over 30 passengers that veered off into a median strip. The incident occurred at 4am today in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province.

The night-long downpour in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya resulted in extremely slippery road conditions. A white six-wheel truck with Yasothon registration lost control and crashed into a barrier in the median of the road. Subsequently, a Bangkok-Chiang Mai passenger bus also lost control and ended up in the median strip.

A pickup truck was also found damaged in the middle of the road, adding to the chaos. Despite the severity of the situation, the bus carrying over 30 passengers reported no injuries among its occupants as a result of the rain accident.

One witness described the events, saying the heavy rain made the roads extremely slippery.

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“The six-wheel truck lost control and hit the barrier first. Then, a pickup truck lost control and hit the back of the truck. Finally, the bus crashed into the scene, causing it to veer into the median strip.”

Initial investigations indicate that heavy rainfall was the primary cause of these accidents. The six-wheel truck, attempting to navigate the treacherous conditions, lost grip and collided with the median barrier. This triggered a chain reaction where a pickup truck, unable to stop in time, crashed into the back of the truck.

The situation worsened when the passenger bus, which was travelling on the same route, failed to avoid the already-accident-prone area and collided, said one resident.

“The rain was relentless, and visibility was poor. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened. We are just glad everyone on the bus is safe.”

The Thai police are now investigating the rain accident to determine further contributing factors and to ensure measures are in place to prevent such incidents in the future. Road safety experts are advising drivers to exercise extreme caution during adverse weather conditions and to maintain safe distances between vehicles.

As of now, the focus remains on clearing the damaged vehicles and ensuring the road is safe for travel. The local emergency services have been commended for their rapid response and effective management of the scene, helping to prevent further accidents and ensuring the safety of the passengers involved.

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