Health screening results reveal stress and physical injuries among Thai workers returning from Israel conflict

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The Emergency Medical and Public Health Centre of the Ministry of Public Health unveiled the health screening results of 15 Thai workers who returned from Israel yesterday. Among the workers, two individuals showed signs of stress, seven reported sleep disturbances and two needed psychiatric consultation. In addition, a person who was shot in the leg required ongoing treatment.

Having fled the violent conflict in Israel, the Thai workers underwent physical and mental health screening at the quarantine centre of Bamrasnaradura Institute. The all-male group was attended to by a medical team from the Medical Department and a mental health rehabilitation team from the Department of Mental Health.

The mental health screening unveiled that in addition to the two individuals grappling with stress and the seven with sleep issues, two needed to consult a psychiatrist. Moreover, 19 Thai nationals who fled the war from Israel are expected to arrive in the second round today.

A man from Udon Thani who fought barehanded was cut in the neck and stabbed, resulting in a pool of blood. His shocked wife saw the photo. The Ministry of Public Health has revealed that two Thai individuals from Israel who were shot had to use wheelchairs. They are advised to rest at Bamrasnaradura before returning home.

Regarding physical health, the screening identified four individuals with wounds, one with acid reflux, and one with a stomach disease.

The person who was shot in the left leg required ongoing treatment and was referred to Somdej Phra Chao Taksin Maharaj Hospital in Tak province.

The Ministry of Public Health has disclosed the health screening results of Thai workers who returned from Israel. Two individuals were required to consult a psychiatrist.

The 15 individuals hail from Nong Bua Lam Phu (four individuals), with the rest from Chiang Rai, Nan, Phayao, Tak, Sakon Nakhon, Udon Thani, Nong Khai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Surin, Ubon Ratchathani, and Yasothon, one individual from each province reported KhaoSod.

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