Health officials address beetle infestation in Khon Kaen

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Millions of beetles have invaded a home in Khon Kaen, causing significant distress for a couple until local health officials intervened. The invasion of wood-boring beetles has been linked to the area’s favourable conditions for their breeding.

Yesterday, public health officials from Kranuan District in Khon Kaen conducted a thorough fumigation of a house located at 74 Moo 9, Ban Chai Charoen, Ban Fang Subdistrict, Kranuan District.

The home, owned by 54 year old Naowarat and 52 year old Saman, had been overtaken by more than a million beetles. The infestation had made living conditions unbearable for the couple, prompting various agencies to step in and provide assistance.

After the fumigation, a significant number of beetles fell to the ground, which were then collected and incinerated by the officials. A second round of fumigation was carried out to ensure that all remaining beetles were exterminated.

Naowarat expressed immense gratitude to the officials through tears, stating that the beetles had been a persistent problem for years. However, this year the infestation had reached overwhelming levels. She also mentioned her own health struggles, including being bedridden due to a stroke, which had compounded the difficulty of dealing with the infestation. Naowarat thanked all the agencies involved, as she did not know who else to turn to for help.

Kranuan District Chief Kennesaw Ketin explained that the beetles, identified as wood-boring beetles, had proliferated due to their breeding habits, which involve laying eggs in soil or wood. The recent rain caused the beetle eggs to hatch, and the area around the house provided an ideal environment due to the moist soil and underground water sources. This led to an unusually high number of beetles choosing to inhabit the area.

The Ban Fang Subdistrict Administrative Organisation and Kranuan District Health Office have taken measures to assist the couple by fumigating the house. It is expected that the couple will be able to return to their home within three days, provided they maintain cleanliness to prevent further beetle infestations, reported Sanook.

For the time being, the couple plans to stay in a storage room adjacent to their house instead of moving in with relatives.

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