Haunted by spirits and seeking help: Woman’s desperate escape to Thai temple

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A young woman from Bueng Kan in northern Thailand claimed she had to leave home because she is possessed by spirits.

The 35 year old woman, identified as Kanokrat, revealed she left home in search of a traditional healer to rid herself of the supernatural entities within her. She said that a child spirit accompanied her by taking the form of a golden child inside her head, while a shadowy figure remained attached to her back. Unable to settle at home, she decided to travel about 124 kilometres to seek assistance from a knowledgeable practitioner in Ban Dung.

Kanokrat, nicknamed ‘Nu Mi’, fled her home in Bueng Kan province two days ago in search of treatment at the healer’s shrine. She added confusion to the drama claiming that her mother, who has a new husband, threw her out of the house.

During the recent Songkran festival, Nu Mi visited the sacred Phra That Phanom temple for four days, but was still unable to find relief.

In response to the situation, the admin of the Ban Dung Update Facebook page, Weeraphol Raksaemwong, was informed by concerned villagers that Nu Mi appeared lost and had decided to seek help at the shrine of the Ban Dung spirit.

Weeraphol then contacted Nu Mi’s mother to inform her of her daughter’s actions. Nu Mi’s mother expressed disbelief over her daughter’s claims about spirits, adding that they did not chase her away from home.

The mother reported that Nu Mi has been under the influence of sorcery or possessed by spirits for several years, causing her to run away from home.

With limited funds and struggling with their daily needs, it’s been difficult to find a proper treatment for her. Her mother revealed that Nu Mi previously lived in Bangkok as a hardworking and responsible person. However, after being affected by sorcery, she became restless and constantly left the house. Communicating with her mother, she seemed confused and would even speak to herself at times.

Nu Mi’s mother has appealed to anyone who can help treat her daughter and free her from the supernatural influences she believes she is suffering from.

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