Haulage operators in Thailand threaten strike over diesel prices

Photo courtesy of Thai PBS World

Road haulage operators have hiked their charges by an average of 9% today and are now gearing up for a nationwide strike unless the government addresses their demands to cap diesel prices at 30 baht per litre.

Apichart Prairungruang, Land Transport Association of Thailand President, expressed frustration.

“We’ve adjusted charges to cope with rising costs after four petitions to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin were ignored.”

Acknowledging the impact, Apichart warned that increased freight charges would escalate domestic prices and directly harm Thai exports, driving up costs abroad.

“The government must either cap diesel at 30 baht per litre or provide subsidies to shield us from further hikes – diesel prices are already at 33 baht per litre and climbing.”

He issued a stark ultimatum.

“If by July 3 the government fails to act, truckers nationwide will halt operations, with thousands of trucks converging on Bangkok in protest.”

The looming strike threatens to disrupt supply chains and escalate economic pressures, compelling the government to rethink its stance on diesel pricing amidst growing industry discontent, reported Thai PBS World.

In related news, the Fuel Fund announced an increase in the diesel price by 50 satangs per litre, raising it to 32.44 baht per litre, effective May 25. Despite reduced expenses, the fund still faces liquidity issues, according to the Director of the Fuel Fund Office, Wisak Wattanaphap.

The Fuel Fund Management Committee convened and recognised the need to enhance the liquidity of the Fuel Fund at this time.

In other news, Don Mueang Tollway, the operator of the elevated Uttraphimuk Tollway, announced a toll increase of 5 to 10 baht, bringing the maximum toll fee to 170 baht, effective December 22.

The announcement was made yesterday, June 20 by Don Mueang Tollway Public Company Limited, informing users about the upcoming change in toll rates based on the concession contract amendment agreement 3/2550 dated September 12, 2007. The toll adjustment will be effective for the next five years, from December 22 this year to December 21, 2029.

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