Chiang Mai monk illegally drives a car, causes intersection turmoil

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A monk from a renowned Chiang Mai temple was involved in a car accident yesterday when his Honda Civic collided with a van at a three-way intersection, resulting in injuries to two people.

The incident raised questions and sparked discussions among locals about the appropriateness of monks driving cars, especially with the difficulties that arise if an accident occurs.

At 4.20pm yesterday, emergency services from the Maekhu Subdistrict Municipality in Chiang Mai were alerted to a collision between a white Honda and a van near the bypass intersection in San Sai District. Police officers from the Mae Faek Police Station also responded to the scene.

The front of the Honda was severely damaged from the collision with the van. Inside the car was a monk from a temple in Mae Taeng District. Throughout the incident, the monk kept his face covered with his saffron robe and complained of chest pain. Emergency responders transported him to Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai for further treatment.

The van involved in the accident was carrying a couple who sustained minor injuries. They were en route to Phrao District to pick up the husband’s mother and take her to a hospital in Chiang Mai city for treatment today.

Due to the accident, rescue units coordinated to ensure the elderly woman’s treatment was not further delayed and transported her to the hospital.

Police from Mae Faek Police Station documented the scene and arranged for the two vehicles to be towed and kept at the station for further investigation.

Locals have been actively discussing whether it is appropriate for monks to drive cars, especially without a driver’s license, which is considered a serious violation of monk discipline, reported KhaoSod.

In separate news, a prominent Facebook page shared a post featuring a well-known Bangkok monk flaunting a luxurious lifestyle, using two high-end mobile phones and purchasing a diamond bracelet worth 185,000 baht. Just another day and another story of a monk in Thailand subverting the simple Buddhist teachings of discipline, simplicity, and mindfulness.

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