Thai woman shares spooky experience at Bangkok shopping mall

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A Thai woman took to TikTok to share her spooky experience, claiming to have seen a ghost in the car park of a shopping mall in the Bang Kae neighbourhood of Bangkok.

The woman posted a video recounting the ghost story on her @sayhibyfai account on Wednesday, November 8. The video’s caption read…

“Encountered a ghost in a famous shopping mall in Bang Kae!”

In the video, the woman explained that she had visited a dental clinic in the mall and encountered the ghost as she was leaving the mall at around 4pm. She left the clinic and returned to her car on the 2L level. The car park was quiet and dark and she was afraid of being attacked by thieves.

She said she was alone, so she looked around and checked carefully that no one was following her. She got into her car but had not yet started it. She sat there, putting away all the things she had just bought. While she was sitting, she noticed someone walking near the car.

She said she raised her head to see who it was and what she saw shocked her, the person walked into the pillar of a building. She stared at the pillar, thinking the person would just walk past it but no one was there.

Car park caper

The woman said that she was frightened and tried to get away as fast as she could. She drove in the direction of traffic and left the shopping centre in the wrong direction but was lucky that no other vehicles were coming towards her.

The woman added that she had heard ghost stories about this shopping centre but most of the encounters happened late at night. She did not expect this to happen to her at 4pm. In the video, the woman said she was still in shock and shaking.

The woman later shared another video of herself visiting a temple. She added that the shocking experience made her feel sick and that she had a high fever.

The shopping mall in Bangkok’s Bang Kae district has been the subject of many ghost stories. Some Thai TikTokers shared their experiences at the mall in the comments.

One woman shared the same incident as this woman, another claimed to have seen a woman entering a closed lift, and the others said they saw suspicious shadows on the top and ground floors.

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