Bride vanishes with wedding gifts and baby bump reveals shocking secret

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In a shocking revelation, a bride disappeared just three days post-wedding, taking along with her not only the wedding gifts but also a baby bump. This startling event transpired in Huaiyang County, Henan Province, China.

San Huang, a resident of the Huaiyang area, was overjoyed when his then-girlfriend announced her pregnancy. The couple, who had met online, quickly planned a lavish wedding, which went off without a hitch. However, just three days after their joyful celebration, Huang’s bride vanished, taking with her gifts and jewellery worth around 10,000 yuan (49,000 baht).

Initially, Huang’s family thought the bride was just upset about something and would return after cooling down for a few days. But as time passed, they realised she had intentionally disappeared with the valuables.

In a startling twist to the tale, local police were informed by a man who claimed he had been scammed by a woman he met online. She had manoeuvred to extract money and gifts from him, causing losses estimated at 31,000 yuan, reported Sanook.

An investigation led the police to an Internet café, a place frequently used by the scammer to trap her victims and plan her deceit. The police planned to nab her at the café, but to their surprise, they discovered a 27 year old man instead.

Suspecting his involvement in the scam, police escorted him to his residence for further investigation. There, they found female clothes, wigs, high-heeled shoes, and various pieces of jewellery. The 27 year old man was forced to confess his wrongdoing in light of the evidence.

He admitted to being the pregnant bride who married Huang and disappeared with all the wedding gifts. His confession also revealed his involvement in 11 other similar cases.

On learning the truth, Huang was left in utter shock, feeling like he was living a nightmare. He could never have imagined his pregnant wife, who ran away with all the wedding gifts, was, in fact, a man.

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