Groom knocked unconscious after friends joyfully toss him

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A shocking event emerged from a wedding that prompted the global online community to share the astounding video footage. The festivities took a drastic turn when the groom was thrown by his friends in a joyful gesture, albeit one that ended with the groom colliding with the ground, and becoming unconscious and unresponsive. An incident that almost progressed into a tragedy.

Recorded footage of the mishap reveals that amidst the happy couple’s photo shoot, the bride, groom, and close friends were all gathered under a floral arch. Residing in high spirits, the group encircled the groom, before hoisting him into the air as a celebratory act. However, after elevating him a couple of times, their grip slipped causing the groom to plummet heavily to the ground.

Upon witnessing the unforeseen accident, the laughter ceased abruptly as the groom lay motionless on the wedding floor. This led everyone to rush to his aide, with one individual shouting out loud, imploring people to “Step back, give him some room to breathe, bring him water.”

Fortunately, the groom managed to gradually rise to his feet, still looking considerably stunned and in pain but attempted to calm everyone by managing a smile.

Following the release of the dramatic clip on social media, it attracted immediate attention from netizens worldwide. Many expressed that viewing it was a heart-stopping experience while others highlighted the potential dangers of such frivolous play, reported Sanook.

Some expressed their alarm by commenting…

“Everyone, don’t take playtime too far. Lucky that nothing happened to him, if he didn’t wake up, this would have turned from a wedding into something else.”

Others aimed their criticisms directly at the groom and his friends, stating…

‘The groom, his age, drinks that much, plus his friends are weird. Falling like that is really dangerous.’

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