Government school teacher goes on a car crash rampage

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A teacher driving a pickup truck caused a multi-car accident involving four vehicles yesterday and attempted to flee the scene. A determined female driver pursued the runaway truck. Police eventually apprehended the suspect and conducted an alcohol test.

Police Lieutenant Kampa Phanpheng of Mueang Amnat Charoen Police Station reported that around 5.30pm, a pickup truck was involved in a hit-and-run incident at a U-turn near a school in Amnat Charoen province on Chayangkun Road. Officers promptly arrived to investigate.

At the scene, police found a damaged Toyota SUV with a twisted rear wheel and a Toyota sedan with collision marks along its side. Nearby, a Chevrolet sedan was also severely damaged, with one of the escaped pickup truck’s driver’s wheels lodged underneath the front bumper. The suspect’s pickup truck had fled the scene.

Later, police received information from another victim who had been hit by the same pickup truck. This individual pursued the truck for 1 kilometre until it was found parked near a house. The front of the pickup truck was heavily damaged, and the front driver’s side wheel had detached from the prior accident.

The female driver who chased the pickup truck recounted that she was waiting to make a U-turn when her car, along with three others, was hit by the speeding pickup. Despite her car being damaged, she decided to follow the truck, honking her horn in an attempt to get the driver to stop. She eventually caught up with the truck, which had come to a halt as it could no longer move due to the detached wheel.

Upon arrival, she saw that the driver was asking locals to help him leave the scene under the pretence of retrieving a phone, but he subsequently disappeared. Locals later brought the driver back to the crash site where he was identified as Pinet, a government school teacher.

The police took Pinet into custody for questioning and conducted an alcohol test to determine if his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. Further legal action will be taken based on the results of the investigation, reported KhaoSod.

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