Giant Mekong stingray sets new record as largest freshwater fish

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A giant Mekong stingray has shattered the record for the world’s largest freshwater fish, overtaking the previous titleholder, the Thai giant catfish, which held the record for nearly two decades.

A wildlife and nature documentary page recently released images of this colossal stingray, confirming its new status.

The wildlife documentary page reported that the Mekong stingray now holds the record for the world’s largest freshwater fish, surpassing the long-reigning champion, the Thai giant catfish. Scientists confirmed this enormous stingray, discovered in the Mekong River in Cambodia in June 2022, as the largest freshwater fish globally, dethroning the Thai giant catfish that had held the title for almost 20 years.

This massive stingray, named Boramy, which means full moon in Khmer, was captured by local fishermen. Boramy measures an impressive 3.98 metres in length and 2.2 metres in width, weighing approximately 300 kilogrammes. With these measurements, Boramy now stands as the largest freshwater fish in the world, according to the documentary page.

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“The discovery of Boramy is a significant milestone in our understanding of freshwater biodiversity.”

This discovery highlights the importance of the Mekong River as a habitat for some of the planet’s largest and most unique freshwater species.

The Mekong River, flowing through several Southeast Asian countries, has long been noted for its rich biodiversity. The river is home to numerous rare and enormous fish species, making it a hotspot for ichthyologists and environmentalists. The capture of Boramy emphasises the need for continued conservation efforts in the region to protect these remarkable creatures and their habitats, according to the documentary page.

“This finding is not just about breaking records; it’s about raising awareness for the conservation of these incredible species that inhabit our freshwater ecosystems.”

The Mekong River’s ecosystem faces numerous threats, including overfishing, pollution, and dam construction, which jeopardise the survival of its unique aquatic life.

Giant catfish

The Thai giant catfish, which previously held the title of the largest freshwater fish, weighed about 293 kilogrammes and measured around 2.7 metres in length. It was a symbol of the rich aquatic life in the Mekong River, drawing attention to the area’s biodiversity. The new record set by Boramy has now shifted the spotlight, reinforcing the significance of the Mekong River as a critical habitat for giant freshwater species.

The recent discovery of Boramy has not only set a new world record but also shed light on the ongoing efforts to study and preserve the Mekong’s unique aquatic life, reported KhaoSod.

Researchers and conservationists continue to work tirelessly to protect this vital ecosystem and its inhabitants from the growing pressures of human activity.

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