German national detained by Patong police for stealing 80K from hotel

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

A 22 year old German national made off with 86,000 baht from a hotel counter in Patong, Phuket.

The brazen thief couldn’t resist flashing a cheeky grin at the security camera before vanishing into the night. Police apprehended the mischievous thief, identified as Mohamed Yassine Zariouh, at Patong yesterday evening. The Phuket Provincial Court had issued a warrant for his arrest.

According to Patong police, the daring escapade unfolded in the early hours of Thursday, January 25 when Zariouh calmly strolled up to the hotel counter. Seizing the opportune moment, he skillfully opened a drawer, snatched an envelope stuffed with 86,000 baht, and made a speedy exit, leaving staff dumbfounded.

Security footage from the hotel’s CCTV cameras immortalised the audacious theft, capturing Zariouh glancing at the lens with a mischievous smile, reported Bangkok Post.

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The criminal is now detained by police at Patong Station for further legal proceedings.

In related news, an Indonesian gang specialising in pickpocketing was apprehended at a well-known shopping centre in Bangkok and swiftly brought to justice by police following a report from a Japanese victim. The culprits were caught on January 25 at around 8am, shortly after their ill-fated heist. The swift police action led to the recovery of a cache of items and the confession of the gang members, who now face charges for their crimes.

The police, led by Deputy Chief of Thonglor Police Station Pansak Amrapitak and Lieutenant Akkrapol Thantham, alongside the investigative team, quickly examined CCTV footage from the mall. They identified a suspect monitoring Yoshida from outside the currency exchange before following him.

In other news, a CCTV camera in an apartment in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok caught a Thai man with a rubber shoe fetish, stealing clothes and flipflops for kinky masturbation purposes. Police believe the man has previous form for this.

A 76 year old Thai woman, who lives in an apartment in the Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi province, reported the pervert to Bang Bua Thong Police Station yesterday, January 26. Security camera footage of the incident was also submitted to officers.

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