Fugitive woman arrested for fraud and embezzlement in Sing Buri

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Police apprehended a 51 year old woman for her involvement in a multifaceted criminal enterprise that included document forgery, job application fraud, and a significant embezzlement scandal. These events followed her flight after being caught using fake documents, leading her to con people by selling products online without delivery, ultimately exposing her full participation in an 18 crown scheme—a term used in Thailand for a full-fledged swindler.

Patcharaporn’s deceitful activities came to a head today, March 6, when law enforcement officials from the Sing Buri Provincial Police, under the directive of Police Major General Montri Teskhan, Chief of Provincial Police, coordinated a successful operation to arrest her. This was in response to an outstanding warrant issued by the Sing Buri Provincial Court on October 1, 2020, for practising accounting and conducting audits without a license and for the use of forged official documents.

The case against Patraporn unfolded when she applied for an accounting position at a Sing Buri educational institution in 2020. She secured the job by presenting falsified accounting credentials. However, upon a routine check one month into her employment, coinciding with her first salary payment, it was discovered that the documents she had submitted were forged. The educational institution’s representatives promptly filed a legal complaint against her.

Following the revelation of her fraudulent actions, Patcharaporn fled, pivoting to online retail as a new avenue for her illicit activities. She defrauded numerous customers by offering products for sale on the internet, which she never delivered. Investigations revealed that she had many victims whose trust she had exploited through her online scams.

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Further inquiries into Patcharaporn’s past revealed a history of public service before she turned to criminal activities. She had previously committed embezzlement, misappropriating over 10 million baht (US$280,000) from the governmental institution where she worked.

This led to her being the subject of another warrant issued by the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, Region 2, for charges related to the misappropriation of property by a public official.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Patcharaporn has consistently denied all allegations during interrogations. Following her arrest, she was taken to the Sing Buri Police Station to proceed with the legal process.

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