Fugitive arrested after 19 years on the run in Kanchana Buri

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After evading capture for 19 years, a 43 year old fugitive was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Bureau for drug possession with intent to sell.

The woman, Sunisa Chongjit, was caught outside her residence in Kanchana Buri yesterday, just five months shy of her arrest warrant expiring.

Sunisa’s long run from the law finally came to an end yesterday when the Metropolitan Police, in a coordinated operation, apprehended her outside her home in Kanchana Buri province.

Sunisa, who had been on the run for nearly two decades, was wanted on charges of possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute, a charge dating back to 2004.

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The arrest, executed just months before the statute of limitations on her case was set to expire, has brought closure to a long-standing pursuit by the authorities.

The backstory of Sunisa’s encounter with the law began in 2003 when she and her associates were entrapped by the police from Wat Phraya Krai station in a drug sting operation.

Following her initial arrest, Sunisa posted bail during her trial but chose to flee, thus evading the subsequent legal proceedings.

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For 19 years, Sunisa led a life of obscurity, working as a housekeeper or in other employment where her criminal background went unchecked.

In her efforts to evade law enforcement, she lived a discreet life, constantly on the move and taking up jobs that required no background checks. Throughout her time on the run, she sustained herself by taking on various menial jobs, always careful to work where her past wouldn’t come under scrutiny.

Her trail eventually went cold in Kanchana Buri, where she continued to evade detection until the recent police operation.

Upon her arrest, Sunisa confessed to deliberately avoiding incarceration and leading a fugitive’s life.

She is now in custody and has been taken to the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court to proceed with the legal action against her, reported Khaosod.

The Metropolitan Police‘s success in capturing her highlights their relentless pursuit of individuals who attempt to escape the consequences of their actions, no matter how much time has passed.

The arrest showcases the police’s investigative diligence and the importance of not allowing fugitives to exploit the statute of limitations to their advantage.

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