Four Thai teens drown after electrocution in public pond

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A tragic incident unfolded in Ubon Ratchathani, where four teenagers drowned after being electrocuted in a public pond. The event happened near a ruined temple, where an electrical fault had caused a live current to pass into the water.

The deputy investigation officer of Nam Yuen Police Station in Ubon Ratchathani was informed today, December 12, of the fatal accident involving four teenagers. The incident took place in a public pond in Nong Waeng village, Dom Pradit subdistrict, Nam Yuen district. Emergency medical personnel from Nam Yuen Hospital and nearby areas were dispatched to investigate.

The victims, identified as 15 year old A, 14 year old B, 12 year old C, and 16 year old D, were all from the same village. According to 15 year old Rod (nickname), a friend of the deceased, they had all been having lunch together before deciding to play in the pond.

The first three victims spent over 30 minutes underwater before there was any realisation of a problem. Initially, it was thought that they were playing a prank by hiding in different areas of the temple.

The situation turned grimmer when 67 year old Khai Pigul, the grandfather of A, went into the water to get the boys. He felt a mild electric shock as he neared the temple’s pillar in the water. As he ventured deeper, the shock intensified. Upon regaining his senses, Khai managed to swim away from the pillar and escape the electric current, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, D, the fourth victim, jumped into the water at the electrified spot. Despite Khai’s warning, he wasn’t quick enough to prevent the accident. Khai then rushed to switch off the breaker before joining other villagers in the rescue attempt. However, all four boys had already drowned and were electrocuted by the time help arrived.

The bodies of the victims have been taken to the local temple for funeral rites following an autopsy. The exact cause of the incident is currently under investigation by the provincial evidence examination officer.

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