Thai river search reveals a chilling tale of five lives lost in quicksand tragedy

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Police and a rescue team discovered the dead bodies of five missing Thai people in the Mun River in the Isaan province of Buriam. It was presumed they either drowned or were victims of quicksand.

A 44 year old Thai woman, Bangon Surit, sought help from Satuek Police Station and Wang Krud Rescue Team after her husband, daughter, nephew, and two nieces went missing yesterday, December 11. The five missing persons were identified as 45 year old Wiriya Kadcharn, 23 year old Nutcharin Kudcharn, 14 year old Waranya Pimthong, 11 year old Yaya Thongkhamsan, and 8 year old Foam Nucharam.

Bangon explained that she was not at home but knew that her husband, Wiriya, was going to the riverbank to get sand to renovate their house. She guessed that her husband would take their daughter, Nutcharin, and the other three children to swim near where the water was clean. She then lost contact with her husband at 12pm.

Police and rescuers searched for the missing family from 12pm to 3pm, eventually locating Wiriya’s walking tractor on the banks of the Mun River. After more than three hours of searching, rescuers discovered Wiriya’s lifeless body at the bottom of the river.

Subsequently, the other four bodies were found in a sand sinkhole. The family members and onlookers were left devastated by the tragic discovery. Bangon expressed her overwhelming grief, unable to fathom the unexpected loss of her loved ones in this manner.

The police believe that the family may have drowned or been pulled into some quicksand, attempting to assist one another in the process but unfortunately failing.

Local beliefs attribute these deaths to supernatural forces and spirits residing in the area. Despite the shallow water level, several incidents resulting in fatalities have occurred there before, contributing to an escalating death toll.

Sudsanguan Suwannarat, a Thai resident, recalled a previous incident where a mother and her two children lost their lives at the site, followed by four construction workers two years later, and now the most recent tragedy involving the five victims.

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