Screen siren: Ex-adult film star ties the knot with film director

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The entertainment industry buzzed with excitement as a former adult film star who has since transitioned to mainstream acting announced her surprise marriage to a film director.

Miku Ikuta stands at a petite 144 centimetres with a D cup size, and first debuted in the adult video (AV) industry in 2017. The 26 year old became a significant figure over her six-year career, amassing a substantial fan base with a filmography of over 200 titles.

In February 2023, she decided to retire from the AV scene but didn’t step away from the spotlight. Instead, she swiftly moved into the entertainment sector, taking roles in a variety of shows and movies.

Her pivot to mainstream cinema was marked notably in 2021 with a role in the film Kaitei hika, directed by Keita Donomoto. This project was the catalyst for the relationship between Ikuta and Donomoto, leading to a romance that blossomed over three years.

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On April 23, Ikuta took to her Twitter account @Miku_Ikuta to share her decision to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Donomoto. She expressed her happiness and requested continued support from her fans, for her, and her new husband, reported Sanook.

The announcement of Ikuta’s marriage represents a significant moment in her personal life and career, showcasing a transformation from an AV icon to a recognized figure in mainstream entertainment. Her transition is a testament to the fluidity of career paths in the entertainment industry and reflects a broader acceptance of performers moving between various sectors of the industry.

As the news of Ikuta’s marriage spreads, it highlights the ongoing conversation about the evolving perceptions of adult film actors and their place within the wider cultural landscape. Fans and industry insiders alike are watching with interest as Ikuta charts a new course in her career, now as a married woman.

The support from her fan base remains strong, with many taking to social media to send their congratulations and well-wishes for the couple’s future. The marriage of Ikuta is not just a personal milestone, it is also indicative of shifting dynamics in the entertainment industry, where past careers in adult entertainment do not preclude success in more traditional media roles.

Screen siren: Ex-adult film star ties the knot with film director | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Sanook

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