FIFA says no to Thailand’s TV World Cup discount request

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Thailand’s embarrassing Dickensian-like cap-in-hand approach to getting the FIFA World Cup 2022 television broadcasting license at a discounted price was met with a resounding no from FIFA.

Three private companies stepped up to the plate to chip in another 400 million baht to add to the government’s 600 million baht subsidy to round up the pot to make 1 billion baht but it is still 600 million baht short of FIFA’s asking price. FIFA told Thailand there will be no discount or retail sales, adding that if they wanted a discount, they should have contacted FIFA two years ago.

At the beginning of this month, Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin insisted that the Thai government would have the World Cup broadcasting license in time adding that by stalling the process the license would be cheaper. It appears the Justice Minister thinks he’s at a night market bartering for a set of towels.

The 67 year old MP also insisted that the price would not be over one billion baht and no support from the private sector would be needed.

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The budget required for the whole broadcasting license was later announced at 1.6 billion baht (US$45 million). The National Broadcasting Commission (NBTC) managed to find a 600 million baht budget and over the weekend it was revealed True Corporation, Thai Beverage, and PTT chipped in 400 million baht.

Khaosod reported that on Friday the NBTC solicited help from two other private companies, Major Cineplex, and PTT Exploration and Production, but they have not replied yet.

FIFA also told Thailand they can not pick and choose what games they want to watch. It is the whole package of 64 matches or nothing.

The Tourism and Sports Minister, Piphat Ratchakitprakarn, revealed today that the government would seek more support from the private sector and hope to have a conclusion by November 15.

Khaosod revealed that the purchase agreement must be made by November 18, and the money must be transferred to FIFA with a 15% tax levy by November 19.

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