VIDEO: Thai husband chases wife and male friend in car, car crashes

Screen grab.

A Thai husband chased his wife and her male friend in his car on Friday, and the wife and friend ended up crashing. The incident happened in the central Chachoengsao Province.

The Thai husband, 42 year old “A,” said he secretly installed a GPS in his wife’s mobile phone. A then saw that his wife, 33 year old “Ying,” was in a car with her male friend, 39 year old “B.”

A followed Ying and B from the Na Yai Am district to a rest area on the motorway. When B saw that they were being followed, he started to drive very fast. B then lost control of the car at a bend, and their car crashed. B then fled the scene, and Ying was left injured.

A then helped Ying out of the car and waved at cars passing by. Police and rescuers were called to the scene to help Ying.

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Rescuers later found B with a facial injury about a kilometre away and took him to a hospital.

Police plan to question the three people later.

Photos and video footage show the damaged car, and the injured woman lying on the road in the aftermath of the crash.

Following the recent car chase in Chanthaburi, the woman and her friend will hopefully recover from their injuries soon.

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