Father fatally shot and son injured in argument at rubber plantation

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A tragic altercation unfolded in a rubber plantation when a heated argument between a father and son escalated, resulting in the father being fatally shot and the son severely injured.

The incident occurred at 10am yesterday in Phunphin District, Surat Thani Province. Deputy Inspector of Phunphin Police Station, Police Lieutenant Pariwat Phetcharat received the report and promptly arrived at the scene alongside an investigation team, a doctor from Tha Rong Chang Hospital, forensic officers and rescue personnel.

The rubber plantation became the site of a deadly confrontation, where 64 year old Wirawat was found dead. He was lying on his back, dressed in a red plaid shirt and black jeans, with gunshot wounds to his torso.

The other individual, Wirawat’s son, 38 year old Supachai was also found at the scene with gunshot injuries. Locals rushed him to Tha Rong Chang Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

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Initial investigations revealed that the father, Wirawat, had used a revolver to shoot his son in the torso. During the struggle that ensued, the gun accidentally discharged, hitting Wirawat in the abdomen and causing his death on the spot, reported Khaosod.

The investigation team is focusing on understanding the root cause of the argument that led to the shooting. The authorities aim to interview witnesses to gather a comprehensive account of the events from the moment the argument began to its deadly conclusion.

The forensic team is working diligently, examining the ballistic evidence and reconstructing the shooting to provide a clear report.

In related news, a domestic dispute turned deadly when a jealous husband fired shots at his relatives yesterday, leaving one severely injured, before fatally shooting his wife in the head while they were playing games outside their home in Ayutthaya Province.

The deceased has been identified as 42 year old Sukanya Yenbumrung, who was shot in the head. Another relative, 24 year old Noppadon Jantha, suffered severe injuries from gunshots to his head.

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