Father and son die in Phetchaburi truck crash amid heavy rain

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A father and his teenage son tragically lost their lives when their car collided with a 10-wheel truck amid heavy rain on a slippery road in Phetchaburi early this morning. The impact caused the truck to drag the car for 10 metres, resulting in fatal injuries for both.

Officers from Cha-am Police Station in Phetchaburi were alerted to a severe accident involving a 10-wheel truck and a car on the Nong Yao Village-Huai Kapong Village road, Moo 9, Khao Yai subdistrict, Cha-am district, Phetchaburi. The incident left two individuals critically injured and trapped inside their vehicle.

Emergency responders, including a rescue team from Cha-am Hospital and volunteers from Sawang Sanphet Rescue, rushed to the scene equipped with hydraulic rescue tools. The accident occurred in front of a restaurant, where the ice truck, which had crashed into the red Toyota sedan with the licence plate number กบ-8005 from Phetchaburi, was found. The force of the collision had pushed the car for over 10 metres.

Inside the wrecked sedan, the lifeless bodies of a Thai man, approximately 40 to 50 years old, and his son, about 15 to 18 years old, were discovered. The father was in the driver’s seat, and his son had died in his lap. Both were trapped inside the mangled vehicle, with injuries including broken arms, necks, and severe head wounds.

Rescue teams used hydraulic equipment to cut through the car’s wreckage, eventually extracting the bodies of the deceased. An initial examination revealed no identification documents, but it was learned that the father and son worked as construction workers at Wat Khao Prong. They were on their way back to the temple when the tragic accident occurred. Police are now in the process of contacting their relatives for the necessary funeral arrangements.

The chaotic scene underscored the dangers of driving in hazardous weather conditions, especially on slippery roads. The heavy rain had made the roads treacherous, contributing to the fatal collision. Local police have urged drivers to exercise extreme caution during rainy weather conditions to prevent further tragedies, reported KhaoSod.

“The roads were extremely slippery due to the rain, making driving conditions very dangerous. We ask all drivers to slow down and be very careful, especially when visibility is low and the roads are wet.”

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