Thai father faces backlash for letting son throw ping pong bombs

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A father has faced online backlash after posting a video of his young son throwing ping pong bombs, which exploded with a loud bang. The video was shared widely before being deleted, sparking widespread criticism.

Yesterday, the Facebook page Red Skull XXX posted a video showing a young boy, presumed to be in primary school, wearing a white tank top and school shorts, with a school belt. The boy held two ping pong bombs in his hands. He threw one bomb, causing a loud explosion and a cloud of smoke. After the explosion, he walked back to his father, who was sitting on a motorcycle, recording the entire incident and laughing at his son’s actions.

The father had originally posted the video on his own Facebook account, but it was shared by various pages and quickly garnered a significant amount of criticism, prompting him to delete the video.

Despite the father’s attempt to remove the video, several pages had already saved and re-shared it. The majority of online comments condemned the father’s actions, deeming them highly inappropriate and irresponsible. Concerns were raised about the boy’s safety, highlighting the potential danger if the bomb had exploded in his hand or before he managed to throw it, which could have resulted in serious injury or even death.

“This behaviour is incredibly reckless. The father is putting his child’s life at risk for a few laughs.”

“What if the bomb had gone off in the boy’s hand? This could have ended tragically.”

The video has sparked a broader conversation about parental responsibility and the dangers of exposing children to hazardous activities. Many netizens argued that the father should have been more aware of the risks and set a better example for his son, reported KhaoSod.

“Parents need to understand the influence they have on their children. Actions like these can have severe consequences, and it’s crucial for parents to prioritise their children’s safety above all else.”

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