Family caught faking issue for discount at Bangkok shabu eatery

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The manager of a renowned shabu restaurant in Bangkok revealed that a deceptive family was caught on camera sneaking tissue paper into a hotpot, causing a scene that led to a discounted bill and damaged the restaurant’s reputation.

The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, prompted customers to leave, nearly emptying the establishment.

The latest update revealed details of the incident at the well-known shabu restaurant located near the Sanambin Nam area. The restaurant manager, Duangkamol (surname withheld), disclosed that on Wednesday evening at around 8pm, a family of three, seemingly parents and their child, visited the restaurant.

The group was not regular patrons and had never visited this restaurant before. The buffet was priced at 319 baht per person without a time limit for dining.

During their visit, which lasted from 8pm to 9.30pm, the female customer complained, accusing the staff of serving food with tissue paper in the condiment tray and the hotpot. The employees immediately apologised without checking the CCTV footage, assuming the incident was genuine.

The restaurant offered to change the hotpot to calm the situation and avoid confrontation. However, the customers declined and approximately 20 minutes later, they complained about the taste of the crab sticks, stating they could no longer eat and asked for the bill.

As the manager, Duangkamol suggested showing the customers the CCTV footage to prove the restaurant’s innocence, which led to louder complaints. To prevent discomfort for other patrons, the decision was made to discount one of the three charges.

After the incident, Duangkamol reviewed the footage and discovered that the female customer in a red shirt was responsible for placing the tissue paper in the hotpot. This shocked the kitchen staff, causing one female employee to cry.

The deceptive actions of the family, who loudly blamed the restaurant, led other customers to check out, causing a significant loss of business, reported KhaoSod.

Upon learning the truth, the restaurant owner filed a police report yesterday and is currently consulting with a lawyer for further legal action.

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