Fairway fury: Jealous Thai man swings into violence, leaving golfer and caddy teetering on the edge in Kanchababuri

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A jealous Thai man shot a golfer and his caddy at Mae Klong Dam Golf Course in the Tha Muang district in the central province of Kanchanaburi. The two victims are in a coma, fighting for their lives

Officers from Tha Muang Police Station investigated the shooting scene at the golf course and discovered bloodstains scattered across the seventh and ninth holes while two injured victims were rushed to the hospital by the rescue team before the police arrived.

During the examination, three discarded bullet shells were discovered near the seventh hole, with an additional four shells found near the ninth hole. The male golfer, identified as 67 year old Kriangsak Chaiwanarom, a retired government official and current golf course manager, suffered a gunshot wound in his right eye. The female victim, Suay, a 35 year old caddy, sustained three gunshot wounds—one in her chest and two in her shoulder.

The alleged gunman, believed to be a 54 year old man named Nattawat Donmorn, was a regular customer of the golf course and also Suay’s boyfriend.

On the day of the incident, Nattawat arrived at the course in his bronze Isuzu MU-7 SUV. After renting a golf cart and preparing his equipment as usual, he swiftly made his way to the seventh hole, where Suay was fulfilling her duties. There, he approached her, fired three shots, and swiftly returned to the cart. Nattawat then proceeded to hole number nine, where he shot Kriangsak before making his escape in his vehicle.

Staff members reported that Nattawat had visited the course one to two days prior to the incident, although he did not partake in any golf activities during those visits. In hindsight, it is believed that Nattawat had been observing Suay during his visits, meticulously planning his attack. Unfortunately, no one grew suspicious of his intentions, as the gravity of his actions was unforeseen.

The police have determined that jealousy likely motivated the shooting, as Suay maintained a close professional relationship with her manager, Kriangsak.

Fellow golfers attested to Kriangsak’s amiable nature, noting his skillful golf playing and reserved interactions with others. They concurred with the police’s assessment that the tragic incident stemmed from deep-seated jealousy.

Shooting at golf course kanchanaburi
Photo via Facebook/ โจโฉ

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