Tragedy strikes as factory owner’s car takes a watery plunge in Nonthaburi canal

Photo: KhaoSod.

A fatal accident occurred when a factory owner’s vehicle plunged into a canal, in Nonthaburi. The incident took place last night, near the canal on Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi. The unfortunate car plunge was reported to Prut Jamsanson, Bang Bua Thong police station’s commander, and Apisit Momnitykul, an investigating officer.

The vehicle, owned by the factory owner, had skidded off the road and into the canal. Upon inspection, six roadside reflector posts were found knocked down, and tyre marks were leading into the canal. The vehicle, a Toyota van, was registered under the name of 60 year old Panas. Panas was identified as the managing director of a metalworking factory, located near the accident scene.

Despite initial uncertainty about the occupants of the submerged vehicle, rescue workers and divers from the Po Tek Tung Foundation were able to locate and retrieve the submerged vehicle after a search lasting more than an hour.

The vehicle was found approximately 150 metres from the fall point, about 10 metres from the shore, and at a depth of about 4 metres. One body was recovered from the vehicle, a man aged around 60 years. The identity of the man matched that of Panas, the registered owner of the vehicle.

The vehicle was eventually towed from the canal. It was identified as a blue Toyota Land Cruiser, with significant damage to the front from the impact of the roadside posts. Prut, the reporting officer, initially suggested that the incident was an accident.

The six damaged roadside posts indicated that the vehicle had been moving at a considerable speed. Also, the body showed no signs of trauma or injury, further leading to the assumption of an accident. However, a detailed autopsy report is awaited to confirm the cause of death.

Upon hearing the news, Panas’s wife, Yuwadee, and their daughter, Kamonlak, rushed to the car plunge scene. On seeing her husband’s body, Yuwadee burst into tears and fainted. She was immediately attended to by the officers present at the scene, reported KhaoSod.

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