Hospital director’s out-of-this-world sighting: Four UFOS hover over Khon Kaen province (video)

Photo via Facebook/ ศุภโชค กุศลวัตร

The director of Baan Taen District Hospital claims he experienced a close encounter of the first kind after spotting four unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the sky over Khon Kaen province in Isaan on Friday.

Speaking to ThaiRath, hospital director, Suppachok Kusonlawat, revealed that he managed to capture the UFOs in the Chonnabot district of Khon Kaen province on September 22. Suppachok said he spotted the first UFO in the shape of a stingray and later saw the other smaller ones flying closer to the first craft.

Suppachok explained that he was on the second floor of the hospital and opened the window to get some fresh air. While standing at the window, he spotted the first UFO and watched it for five minutes. Then he saw a beam of light coming from a bigger UFO and decided to take a video of it.

While Suppachok was recording the video he said that the other three smaller UFOs approached the first one before they all disappeared into the clouds. Suppachok added that the incident happened when the sky went dark before the storm. However, the sky became bright and clear after the UFOs disappeared.

Suppachok said he immediately informed his wife of the discovery and shared the video with colleagues and followers on Facebook.

“It was a coincidence because the aliens did not want humans to notice them, but I did.”

Suppachok revealed that he witnessed a UFO ten years ago but was unable to capture any evidence as he did not have a mobile phone or camera. He said he saw the UFO in the sky above the Ubol Rattana dam in Khon Kaen province. The UFO was moving at high speed, faster than an aircraft, towards Phu Khao-Phu Phan National Park.

Another UFO witness, a former MP candidate, 66 year old Uthaiwadee Tracharoensuk, also shared a video of a UFO on Facebook in June. She revealed that she spotted the UFO while jogging in a public park in the central province of Prachin Buri. The woman even claimed that the UFO responded to her greeting by shining a beam at her.


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