Dream fulfilled: Rescue team arranges beach trip for boy battling cancer

Photo via Facebook/ มนตรี ไตรรักษ์ กำนันแมน

The Rassamee Maneerat Rescue Team in Chon Buri arranged a trip to the beach for a six year old boy who is bravely fighting sarcoma cancer. The boy is under palliative care but dreams to enjoy beach vibes at least once in his lifetime.

A Facebook account, Village Headman Montri Trirak, posted pictures capturing the heartwarming moment of the boy, his family members, and rescuers on Bang Saen Beach on Friday, June 16. Montri informed his followers in the caption…

“This might be the last opportunity for this six year old boy to see and touch the sea and sand. This beach trip is the first time for him and maybe the last time for him. The boy is in the advanced stages of sarcoma cancer. What he wants is so simple. He just wants to go to the beach once in his lifetime.”

Montri explained the more the family sought help from him and the rescue team. So, the relevant departments coordinated and prepared the emergency vans along with the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Bang Saen Beach.

According to Montri, both the boy and his family were overwhelmed with happiness. Throughout the trip, the boy remained in his father’s embrace. The father immersed his son’s feet and legs in the sea to feel the seawater and the sand. The father kept kissing his cheek and cried.

The boy wanted to try grilled prawns and grilled chicken, so the team rushed to bring him his dream dishes. However, what he could do was only hold the food in his hand. he could not give it a try due to his health condition. Montri added the boy held a grilled prawn with him along the trip.

The Facebook post received over 55,000 reactions, 4,800 comments, and 35,000 shares from netizens. Many netizens wished for a miracle to happen with the boy and hoped him getting better. Some travel agencies also expressed the desire to take the boy to boat trips if his health condition improves.

Montri spoke to KhaoSod about the beach trip that he and the rescue team carefully planned the trip to make his dream come true. even if the boy could enjoy the beach for only 10 minutes.

The mother informed Motri that her son’s overall well-being had improved, both physically and mentally, after the visit to the beach. The boy was also happy seeing himself on television news shows.

The Thaiger hopes for the boy’s full recovery, enabling him to embrace the life he deserves.

rescue team beach trip for boy with cancer
Photo via Facebook/ มนตรี ไตรรักษ์ กำนันแมน
Thai boy with cancer beach trip with rescue team
Photo via Facebook/ มนตรี ไตรรักษ์ กำนันแมน

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