Vegtable prices soar in Yala’s Betong market as crops crumble as rainfall wreaks havoc

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Fresh vegetable prices in the Betong municipal market in Yala have seen a dramatic increase due to inclement weather causing a decrease in production. The constant cold and rainfall have stunted vegetable growth and have led to disease that destroys the crops.

This has caused substantial damage to the planting areas, leading to reduced yields and subsequent hikes in vegetable prices, much to the chagrin of the local populace.

Today, upon investigation, it was found that almost all types of vegetables at the Betong municipal market in Yala had experienced a price increase. For instance, fresh chillies that previously cost 70 baht per kilogramme now cost 150 baht per kilogramme.

Bird’s eye chillies now cost 250 baht per kilogramme. The price of Chinese cabbage has also shot up from 100 baht per kilogramme to 200 baht. Chinese Kale, Thai Basil, Purple cauliflower, cabbage, morning glory, spring onion, Chinese broccoli, and garlic have also affected vegetable prices.

Only a week ago, the vegetable prices were normal. However, as the weather got colder and rainfall increased in some planting areas, the prices of fresh vegetables rose significantly, leading to complaints from locals who found the current vegetable prices extremely high.

The main reason for the price hike in most fresh vegetables is that many vegetable gardens, which export their produce to various regions, are facing problems due to the cold weather. This has caused heavy dew at night, stunting the growth of the vegetables due to fluctuating weather conditions.

In some areas, several consecutive days of heavy rain have caused problems for some farmers, leading to crop death and diseases that have caused significant damage.

However, the market’s demand and consumer’s desire for fresh vegetables have increased, resulting in an unavoidable surge in vegetable prices. There is a tendency for vegetable prices to rise further next week, reported KhaoSod.

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